Microsoft to open European AI and IOT innovation lab

Posted: 31 March 2017 | By Darcie Thompson-Fields

Microsoft announced yesterday (30/03) that it will be opening its third IoT and artificial intelligence Insiders Lab. The new lab, which will be located in Munich, is set to open in April and will round off the existing labs in Washington and Shenzhen, China.

The lab will house engineers ready to assist Microsoft’s clients on IOT and AI. Companies of all sizes can work in the lab at no cost and will have access to Microsoft technology and its engineers’ expertise in machine learning, AI and the cloud.

During stints that typically last three weeks, visiting development teams learn how to refine their product architecture, unblock technical issues and build the skills to create a full-stack IoT solution. The aim is to help large enterprises and tiny startups alike scale and accelerate their IoT solutions to market.

The Munich lab will serve the EMEA market with four-person full-time teams of engineers.

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