How Can AI Transform the Online (Sex) Dating Industry in New Zealand

Love, dating, and sex anything is obtainable through any of the numerous online dating platforms, but is that all there is to it? Can AI transform the current state of the online dating industry in NZ? Read on to find out if and ways this can be achieved.

The current state of AI in the dating industry in NZ

Before now, online daters have to go through the tedious process of swiping and scrolling through profiles to hook up with anyone of their choice. However dating sites such as Tinder and eHarmony have simplified the process through app improvements that are programmed to indicate people around your location and who’s online, but a lot of is yet to be done to improve online dating industry.

Artificial intelligence or science of computational thinking in a more human-like manner can truly go a long way to save the day. Currently, AI technologies are making futuristic adjustments to the traditional methods of online dating, and most online sites such as Tinder are not blind to these improvements.

For starters, AI assistants in dating sites now offer users dating coaches and go as far as recommending dates or even suggesting the perfect location for a first date. Through such innovations and improvements, the online dating space will experience an unprecedented wave of optimum user satisfaction and growth. Here a few ways Artificial Intelligence can transform online (sex) dating industry.

#. Better Voice/ Facial Simulation in VR and AR Online Sex

The online sex industry has been around for years, mostly connecting users who wish to experience a virtual/ augmented sexual encounter. The challenge like most past technologies have experienced is that humans want more and as such, there have to be improvements, to that effect, AI can serve as a tool in enhancing vocal/ facial interactions during online sex. To illustrate this here’s a good example, a user might have the fantasies of having online or virtual sex with a favorite celebrity or another sex buddy, with the consent of the third party, the personality in this case, and online dating companies can create AI, simulated models, to fulfill user desires. These models will not only look like their originals but can also sound like them.

#. Improved Machine Learning

It’s no news most online daters do not have a comprehensive clue on the type of people they want, one minute they like a tall blonde the next minute they could settle for a brunette leaving most users disappointed, exhausted and bored. AI could study user activity and with better machine learning suggest better matches based on your actions rather than desires. Currently, most dating apps have proceeded to make such progress. For instance, Love flutter, a UK dating app, has AI that matches people based on personality and traits it decodes from their tweets.

# Highly Interactive Chatbots

Currently, AI Chatbots are offering introductory text chats, learning your preferences and even more impressively learning to talk like you. In 2016,, a chatbot with deep-learning AI and facial recognition was launched, although it was later banned, the innovative chatbot revealed a whole new array of possibilities in the AI/ dating sector.

To cap it up, AI has a long way to go in improving the dating industry but as’s creator Justin long once said in an interview, “the future we look at is a scary place, are we truly ready to go there?”