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SEXBOT is coined from the amalgamation of the word sex and robots, these are androids supported with an Artificial Intelligence (AI), that can fulfill the role of a perfect sex partner, be as real as a human being, and even comes with more benefits that a human may not be able to render for example they cannot refuse you, and you can as well personalize their settings to your specifications (i.e. they can be made to possess “all” the qualities you need in a human), they can provide more realistic experience, more pleasure and precise optimum sexual output.

Although the concepts of an actual artificial free sex partners in ZA still seems strange and unrealistic to the society, however the “sexbot industry” is real and it’s gaining more popularity on a daily bases with more people gaining interest in the idea every day. According to a research by the University of Tufts 50% of an average man find it relatively permissible to have sex with a robot, and prefer to have one. As of now there are over 30 female and 11 models sex robots ready for sale by Abyss Creations, a California based company.

Meanwhile these interest and higher preference set for Sexbots over humans is getting integrated to our online dating world. A 39 years old man has recently created a profile for a sexbot called Harmony on Tinder dating app, and he wrote a description thus, “Hi, I’m an anatomically correct, sexually capable robot with advance AI, I’m on Tinder and other dating apps in South Africa to find out if guys are interested in me.” And within two hours of uploading some pictures about the robots and sending a like to every man that appears as a match, the profile had 92 matches, this breakthrough in the use of sexbot may affect the fundamentals of human relationship even to the level of online dating, and if the trend of things continue exponentially like this it is projected that in the next three years androids will be posing a significant competition with humans especially on dating sites.


As robots become an ever increasing part of our daily lives, it is projected that humans could soon prefer love with machines than humans in the next three years. According to some facts extracted from the following proposition was made that;

  • Reports suggest it that over 27% of humans between the ages of 18-34 years will feel normal to form friendship and even romantic relationship with sexbot other than humans.
  • Men are more likely to embrace the sexbots, with reports that men are likely to form relationships with android three times more than women.
  • 70% of divorce will be caused by smartphones related issues in the United States.
  • 42% of people aged between 18-34 years old will be depressed or unhappy seeing other people’s lives online.

These and so many other facts are the projections of state of effect of androids on online dating and threatens to add some of these complications to the dating power structure


The positive effects of sexbot on our societal situations cannot be underestimated and as well as the disadvantages of these android on our human relations cannot be overlooked, the following are the advantages and disadvantages of sexbot;


  • They can be customize to one’s personal preference, settings like the eye, hair, skin color, shape of  breasts and nipples to adapts to their owners mood and likening.
  • They reduce or even curb the incidence of sex crimes and sexual violence against women and children.
  • They promote safer sex by avoiding the spread of infectious diseases and prevent unwanted pregnancy and them reducing abortion rate, eliminate sex trafficking, tourism and prostitution.
  • They are useful therapeutically, it is also an avenue to manage pedophiles. It will also change some societal norms like rape, awkward family interactions


  • The high cost of sexbots will directly the immediate society immensely, by increasing the monetary crime rate explosively, because currently a top-range model cost about $30, 000.
  • Dehumanization of the society which might results to loss of identity between peers.
  • Robots taking the jobs of sexual workers, physiotherapists and by so doing, integrating the ever-increasing unemployment rate in the society.
  • According to FBI, romance scams cause the highest financial costs of all internet related crimes, and there’s possibilities some bots maybe design by the manufacturer in such a way to victimize the owner to financial loss.
  • Might results to increase in divorce rate between married couples.

Dating has always been difficult, for men and women alike, however latest advance in technology which brought to us online dating, is also bringing artificial intelligence replacing our natural preference on human relationship, and these androids(sexbots) has threaten to add to the complications to the dating power structure.