Intel investing $15billion in the race for self-driving cars

Posted: 21 March 2017 | By Darcie Thompson-Fields

Intel has secured its position as a serious contender in the race for autonomous vehicles with its $15billion acquisition of Mobileye. The Israel-based company is a leader in assisted-driving systems, making chips and cameras used in self-driving cars and trucks.

The purchase will be Intel’s second-largest ever, after its $16.7 billion acquisition of chip-maker Altera in 2015.

The acquisition will see Intel move its autonomous driving team to Mobileye’s headquarters. The world’s largest chip maker plans to combine its computing and connectivity expertise and Mobileye’s computer vision expertise to create automated driving solutions from the cloud through the network to the car.

Intel chips remain dominant in conjunction with PCs and servers, but with a shifting landscape, this reign is being threatened by chips capable of running neural networks that can facilitate artificial intelligence.

With this in mind, Intel is determined to change with the rapidly shifting market. The company estimates the vehicle systems, data and services market opportunity to be up to $70 billion by 2030.

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