Talking elevators can now tell engineers when they’re feeling down

Posted: 9 March 2017 | By Darcie Thompson-Fields

The life of an elevator has its ups and downs. One day everything runs smoothly, the next an ugly out-of-service message appears and you’re forced to use the stairs.

But those days could soon be over thanks to a new AI embedded platform designed by Helsinki-based creative agency, Hasan & Partners called Machine Conversations, which enables elevators to tell you how they’re feeling and alert engineers to any problems before they get too serious.

The service is being used in partnership with global lift firm KONE, with the software hosted on its IBM Watson IoT Cloud platform. Connected elevators are fitted with sensors which use IBM’s algorithm to record and analyse data based on their usage. Any abnormalities, such as shaking, over heating or slow down, will be spotted immediately, with the details then communicated to an engineer and even the lift users in a voice and/or text format.

Engineers are then able to ensure they have the correct tools and parts to rectify the problem. This also enables engineers to schedule in times to service the lift during a suitable period causing the least amount of disruption, such as out of business hours.

Tobias Wacker, creative director at Hasan & Partners, who came up with the idea said: “Machine Conversations is creativity with a purpose, where we’ve leveraged Internet of Things technologies and the power of IBM Watson IoT to show how problems can be detected before they happen. We wanted to give the elevators and the cloud realistic voices, now we see and hear them in action it is an addictive experience and strangely compelling.

“Machine Conversations is an innovative way to promote our 24/7 Connected Services. Watson’s cognitive capabilities will help us take elevator and escalator services to a new level identifying issues before they occur.”

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