Forget Amazon Prime, MasterCard’s bot lets retailer deliver in 10 minutes

Posted: 3 March 2017 | By Darcie Thompson-Fields

MasterCard has teamed up with Istanbul-based online retailer Getir to build an online chatbot which can process and deliver orders within the city in just 10 minutes.  One hour and 50 minutes quicker than Amazon’s premium service.

News of the deal was announced by MasterCard during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, with the chatbot being integrated and hosted on Facebook’s open Messenger platform.

To access the chatbot, customers need to open their Facebook messenger app and search for Getir. Once found and selected, they can then type in their request using natural conversational language in the same way they would a friend. For example; ‘I need to buy diapers’ followed by confirming your location.

Start the conversation

The chatbot, which uses natural language processing to understand what’s being asked, will then display the customer’s request on the same screen (you never leave the messenger service), including pricing and an option to buy.

Customers can then complete their transaction by using MasterCard’s open (rival debit, credit card brands compatible) secure digital wallet service ‘MasterPass’, which offers a one-click payment solution. It is the first time MasterPass has been integrated for use as a bot for Messenger.

“It presents another opportunity for the consumer to interact with their customers”

Mastercard senior VP of Digital Payments and Labs Kiki Del Valle (pictured) told Access AI: “The goal here is you don’t want the consumer to have to check-out in an online environment or switch from app to app. We’ve adapted MasterPass to work in a chatbot environment and Getir are the first we’ve launched with.

“Because Getir are really aiming for a real-time engagement with their customers, the messaging app and experience makes complete sense to them. They don’t have to rely on a mobile app, they can just very easily go on Facebook Messenger. It’s real-time consumer engagement and provides the ability for the merchant to really maintain that customer relationship all the way from end-to-end. It drives greater loyalty and stickiness and is a best in class experience. That’s the value.

“Bots will play a significant role in the future. It presents another opportunity for the consumer to interact with their customers. That’s the goal we’re working towards.”

More than 600 items are available as part of the online retailers 10 minutes’ delivery offering at launch. Categories include; drinks, personal care, household, bakery, snacks, baby care, pet care, sex, health and tech. Getir launched in July 2015 and has made more than 1 million deliveries to date.

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