This AI has learned to transform your cat drawings into feline photos

Posted: 22 February 2017 | By Darcie Thompson-Fields

Artificial intelligence has done some incredible things in recent months from beating world poker champions to creating its own universal language. Now it’s being used to turn your drawings into mind-bending cat pictures.

Edges2cats is a website that transforms your doodled pictures in photo-esque images. The tool was built by Christopher Hesse using Google’s machine learning technology TensorFlow. The AI has been trained on over 2,000 stock images of cats, specifically edges and silhouettes.

Results are varied and sometimes disturbing as you can see from my own effort.

Particularly when I attempted to draw the Access Ai logo.

Beyond generating bizarre image of cats, the technology could have some beneficial real-world applications for concept artists and matte painters. You can try out the tool for yourself here.

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