AI named top investment trend for 2017

Posted: 14 February 2017 | By Darcie Thompson-Fields

Artificial intelligence is dominating the top global investment trends for 2017.

The Visionary Innovation (Mega Trends) report from growth partnership firm Frost & Sullivan has named AI as a key technological trend.

The research explores trends spanning geographies, industries and applications that are poised to impact the market. The report named the top 17 innovation and investment opportunities for 2017. AI was named as one of the key technological trends due to the race for dominance in the personal assistant market.

2017 will also be the year we see level three autonomous vehicles hit the road according to the firm. Level three describes vehicles with conditional automation, meaning that within know limited environments drivers can safely turn their attention away from driving tasks but must still be prepared to take control when needed.

“Long-awaited drones, autonomous vehicles, space capabilities and robotics are all poised to notably affect the commercial market this year,” Frost and Taylor noted in a press release.

“These technologies, while enhancing efficiency, productivity, accuracy and filling employment gaps, could lead to combustible labour dynamics. Such colliding interests will change the course of revenue streams and pricing segmentation, as well as encourage a thorough evaluation of trade-offs.”

The report also named connected homes, b2b acceptance of augmented reality and IoT becoming sentient tools as key players in technological disruption.

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