Predictions 2017: Deep 6 Analytics “It will no longer be AI for AI’s sake”

Posted: 4 January 2017 | By Darcie Thompson-Fields

No more dog-and-pony shows

AI re-emerged as one of the hottest “new” technologies for 2016 even though it’s been around for 50 years. Established companies and newcomers alike flocked to the market, and we were so enthralled by artificial intelligence that touting an AI-enabled technology became more advantageous that what organizations actually did with it.

In 2017, investors, corporate customers, consumers, and others will expect more – and hold our feet to the fire. It will no longer be AI for AI’s sake. Companies won’t be able to pitch “we do AI” as a business model. Conservative investors and shareholders will push them to solve actual problems, and AI will make its way into the back office. Players who are all shine and no substance will get pushed out of the market, and the bar will be set higher to deliver on the promise of AI by showing results. It’s great for the market; things will start getting done.

Today’s data scientist will not exist as you know it

In 2017, you won’t get a job as a “data scientist” anymore. Instead, there will be an ecosystem of more nuanced roles in data science. Today, data science jobs typically get lumped into a kitchen-sink, do-everything role that everyone defines differently. Moving forward, organizations will need much more granularity in those roles to keep up with the pace of data generation and growing demands to make sense of it all.

The term “data mining” is a misnomer. Think of it as “data farming.” We’re not simply digging for data and finding it. We need to cultivate it – to start with a vision of what that data can grow into, then nurture it along the way to achieve our goals. To do that, we need people who specialize in various aspects of data science for maximum productivity and the best results.


About the author

Brian Dolan is the cofounder of Deep 6 Analytics, a patient-trial matching platform that helps get cures to people faster. He has 20 years of data science and artificial intelligence experience. Prior to founding Deep 6 Analytics, Brian headed up the data science teams at Greenplum (EMC), Yahoo and MySpace/FOX. He also co-authored the seminal Mad Skills White Paper.