Ex-Googler gets $16.3 million in funding for her startup, using AI in prescriptive search

Posted: 26 July 2017 | By Charlie Moloney

Node, an artificial intelligence (AI) company which will make the “1:1 sales-marketing dream a reality”, have closed their series A funding and are emerging from stealth with $16.3 million in total funding, as announced in an official press release on Tuesday.

The roster of investors in Node includes Mark Cuban, the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, who describes Node as a “game changer”, and the venture capital firms: New Enterprise Associates, Avalon Ventures, and Canaan Partners.

Credit to Quotable

By utilising AI, Node says it can generate prescriptive suggestions to help sales, marketing, and operations people contact the right prospects, at the right time. The Node system can explain how it makes decisions and qualifies leads.

The platform uses three AI technologies to achieve results: data crawling, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML). As the system consumes more data, it should get better at identifying prospects with higher deal size and win rate potential.

“Companies are blasting messages blindly at the wrong people at the wrong companies”, Fatemi wrote for Forbes, where she is a columnist. Node has stated that AI “is the best tool we’ve got to finally fix the web”.

AI “is the best tool we’ve got to finally fix the web”

Fatemi had been Google’s youngest employee at 19 years of age, and says that “as a tech entrepreneur today, that sink-or-swim experience influences every move I make”, in an article she wrote for Fast Company.

Now that she has acquired funds, Fatemi plans to invest more in the Node technology and accelerate the development of the product, which is now going to be made available to businesses worldwide.

What’s more, she’s hiring! Fatemi says, “we’re continuing to look for talented new team members (especially engineers!) and companies that could benefit from the power of Node. If you know anyone who might be a fit, feel free to send recommendations directly to me”.

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