Google is letting you DIY AI for free

Posted: 5 May 2017 | By Darcie Thompson-Fields

Google has teamed up with Raspberry Pi to allow you to build your own AI.

The search giant, which has been making its own advancements in AI is now letting you have the control. Google is giving away a kit that transforms the $35 Pi 3 into a Google Assistant.

The Google Artificial Intelligence Yourself (AIY) Projects kit will be distributed with the latest issue of the MagPi, the official magazine of Raspberry Pi.

The kit includes Google Voice as well a stereo microphone Hardware Attached on Top (HAT) boards that slot on top of the Pi, a large arcade button, a selection of wires, and a cardboard case.

“The folks at Google, along with us at The MagPi, are really excited to see what projects you can create (or enhance) with this kit, whether you’re creating a voice-controlled robot or a voice interface that answers all your questions,” said Rob Zwetsloot, features editor on The MagPi.

The new HAT uses Google Assistant’s SDK along with the Cloud Speech API, meaning users can build a voice-controlled speaker system.

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