The new Google Earth is offering guided tours directly on Chrome

Posted: 18 April 2017 | By Darcie Thompson-Fields

Google has unveiled a brand-new version of Google Earth and this time it’s available directly on Chrome.

The redesign also brings a host of new features, the most exciting of which is undoubtedly interactive guided tours with the search giant’s Voyager feature. Teaming up with organisations like BBC and Sesame Street, Voyager will focus on storytelling, with 50 stories ready at launch Google plans to add more weekly.

For more random exploration, Google introduces the “I’m feeling lucky” feature that takes you somewhere unexpected. Once you’ve been transported to one of over 20,000 locations you can open “Knowledge Cards” to learn history and facts of the location.

Another new button provides 3D perspectives for anywhere in the world, allowing you stunning views of world wonders like the Grand Canyon and the Château de Chambord in stunning detail.

“Hold it in your hand, pass it around a classroom, fly around the world and walk inside places thousands of miles away in incredible detail,” Google Earth project manager, Gopal Shah said in a blog post.

“Feel free to lose yourself a little—with Google Earth you can always find your way back home.”

Whilst Apple users will have to wait to access the update, it has been launched on Google Chrome with Android following in the coming week. iOS and other web browsers will receive the update “in the near future”.

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