Samsung’s Bixby AI won’t be ready in time for US release

Posted: 12 April 2017 | By Darcie Thompson-Fields

Samsung’s answer to Siri will fail to be fully operational in time for the US release of the Galaxy S8.

Some elements of the widely-touted Bixby will be included in the April 21 launch but the digital assistant’s headline voice activation feature won’t be available in the US until “later this spring” Samsung said in a statement.

Samsung acquires AI assistant system to rival Siri

The delay is further bad press for the Korean tech giant on the first high profile release since the debacle over its fire-prone Galaxy Note 7s last year.

Samsung did not provide a reason for Bixby’s voice delay or say whether the voice activation feature will be available for the phone’s South Korea launch.

Meet Samsung’s Bixby AI assistant on the new Galaxy S8

The phone maker unveiled Bixby at a press conference at the end of March. Analysts from IDC commented that if what was demoed works well in practice “Bixby will be interesting because it offers features absent from Siri and Google Assistant”.

Francisco Jeronimo of IDC also noted that “in the past, some of Samsung’s features have looked great in presentations, but when you use them on a daily basis they have not been as good.”

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