Gen X trust artificial intelligence more than Millennials

Posted: 10 April 2017 | By Darcie Thompson-Fields

Americans aged 30-44 are most eager to rely on artificial intelligence but they’d rather it was used to do their cleaning over flying a plane.

According to a poll conducted by Morning Consult, more than half of people (57 per cent) already realise that they come across AI in their daily lives. The poll, conducted with 2,200 adults, found that more people (41 per cent) believe that AI is safe compared to 38 per cent who think it unsafe.

Despite that levels of fear, it seems as if Americans are keen to hand over simple labour-intensive tasks such as cleaning to robots. When it comes to more complex tasks, people are less trusting, with three out of five people uncomfortable with AI making financial investments.

65 per cent of respondents are reluctant to let AI drive a car and despite the popularity of dating apps like Tinder, 68 per cent don’t want AI acting as their matchmaker.

People are most wary of putting their lives into the (potentially inexistent) hands of AI. Seven out of 10 people would feel uncomfortable with AI flying an aeroplane of performing surgery.

Those aged 55-64 are least likely to support AI research at the risk of automation causing mass unemployment. Whilst those aged 30-44 emerged as the surprising cheerleaders for the technology, with 44 per cent agreeing that we should increase our reliance on AI, 4 per cent more than 18-29-year-olds.

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