DeepMind’s AlphaGo is back and now it’s trying to beat five humans at once

Posted: 10 April 2017 | By Darcie Thompson-Fields

Google’s DeepMind is holding a Future of Go Summit in May where AlphaGo will take on even more challenges after its historic victory last year.

In March 2016, DeepMind’s artificial intelligence beat world Go champion, Lee Sedol in a five-game contest of the notoriously complex board game. Since then, human players have poured over every detail of the AI’s gameplay to learn new strategies that pros and amateurs alike had not previously thought of.

From 23-27 May, AlphaGo will head to China to host a five-day festival of Go and artificial intelligence. Collaborating with the China Go Association and Chinese Government, DeepMind and Google AI experts will put on the “Future of Go Summit” in Wuzhen.

AlphaGo will face a team of five humans to test its adaptability

The summit will feature a variety of game formats that will involve China’s top Go players and AlphaGo. These included varieties where the AI and human players will work together against another team to allow them to learn together.

AlphaGo will also face a team of five human players in an effort to see if the pros can defeat the AI with creativity and their combined style.

The climax will see AlphaGo face the world’s number one players Ke Jie to test if it is once again victorious.

The games will be interspersed with a forum on the “Future of AI” that will explore how AlphaGo has created new knowledge about the oldest of games, and how the technologies behind AlphaGo, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, are bringing solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges into reach, DeepMind said in a blog post.

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