Fitness coaching taken to a new level

Posted: 31 March 2017 | By Paul McNeil

The mid-2000s was the era during which the world became introduced to wearable technology. However, the concept going mainstream took some years and only in the early 2010s were we witnessing this trend take shape. Ever since, a variety of devices, including smartwatches, smart bands and smart shoes have been provided by a number of companies.

Recently we have witnessed the idea of fitness tracking being upgraded into multiple forms. Most common seen these days are smart brands, while a variety of different companies across the globe have developed on the concept of providing smart shoes or sensors that are completely wearable.

A company that is launching a campaign and striving to provide high-quality gear against a stiff slate of competition is Boltt Sports Technology. Their line provides a tri-party solution for fitness tracking.

Boltt has already unveiled a full line of products including AI Health and Fitness Coach, Connected Shoe, Stride Sensor, and Smart Band. Users taking advantage of such a combination gain the utmost efficiency in their activity.

A user’s movement is tracked through three different sensors installed in the Boltt Connected Shoes, an attribute similar to other such products available on the market. A variety of data is obtained and analysed for the user, including tempo, speed, steps, velocity, acceleration, distance, power output, and most important of all too many of us, the number of calories burned. With sensors planted in the shoes, the data gathered is far more accurate and adjustable to provide an adequate workout experience.

The Stride Sensor is also available for those who may prefer a different shoe. This is a small device that can be clipped to any standard shoe or your ankle and launched to obtain the same information as your Connected Shoe would.

For those looking to experience around-the-clock approach, the Smart Band is able to track your daily activities, however different they may be. This includes hourly steps, travelled distance, burned calories and also the flights of stairs you may have climbed.

The band is also designed with the capability to follow your sleeping patterns. For those days when you may feel exhausted after sleeping a full eight hours, your Smart Band is able to provide you data showing the amount of deep, light or REM sleep.

All this is connected together through Boltt’s highly innovative virtual health associate known as “B”. This AI coach is not only capable of information to its users, it also adopts an approach based on encouragement needed to go the distance and push harder exactly when they should in their workout process.

Real-time analyzation of body movement allows B to make use of voice to instruct the user to run faster, maintain form and enhance their performance to a higher level. B’s state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology is able to gradually increase its knowledge of the user through the study of their activity, eating and sleep patterns.

“The realisation (for inception) was that by only tracking steps or aiming for a 10,000/day step goal, people will not move an inch at becoming even slightly better in terms of fitness,” said Ayushi Kishore, CMO and co-founder of Boltt Sports Technologies.

“The founding team was driven to find the perfect harmony between hardware and software, which truly added meaning to one’s life.  Data & numbers are boring, but using data to provide knowledge, information, insights and choice is empowering. Boltt is here to usher in a new era of ‘The Connected Life’ at the core of which are fashionable products that do all the work for the user.”

This startup is using its platform to target a variety of targets, including sports stars, hospitals, offices and schools. Prices ranging from $50 to $100, a wide range of customers can enjoy the benefits of this technology.

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