Do you trust prescriptive analytics tools that use AI?

Posted: 9 November 2017 | By Charlie Moloney

We’ve been asking people to tell us whether they’d be happy trusting prescriptive analytics tools, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), to give them recommendations. Their answers shed light on the current attitudes towards AI. Don’t miss the bonus video at the end of this article!

The interviewees have been anonymised, except for their job titles.


Cognitive Computing Team Lead:

“I think it’s a great question because prescriptive is the key term there. I believe that artificial intelligence and machine learning should be largely assistive, and if the information is presented to me to be assistive and to be useful, I will always take its recommendation into mind.

“I do that when I got to a restaurant. I always ask the waiter, “what is your favourite dish on the menu?” And I always take that information and treat the recommendation very highly. Sometimes I’ll go against it, but I know that that system is there to be assistive.”


Head of Partnerships:

“Yeah, 100% happy.”


CEO and Founder:

“I’d accept the recommendation, and I’d want to measure it. I’d want to know why it made that recommendation – that’s the data geek in me.”


CEO and Chairman:

“Providing I understood the foundational detail behind the recommendation, which I would be able to do, and the input that was put into the AI back end or the neural net, I would certainly rely upon it. But it would require that I was responsible and involved in the front-end programming of the actual data source!”


Product Specialist:

“I would definitely feel happy about it. We talk about it internally here because, being an AI company, people don’t have to sell the value of the technology to us – we totally understand it.

“The reason we haven’t really implemented AI-powered prescriptive analytics tools yet is because we don’t have a strategy to go to consumers directly, we’re more B2B. And we don’t have the bandwidth right now to make 1000 calls a day, if we had 1000 leads generated by a machine.

“If we had a ton of data on our CRM about who our clients are, and who they talk to, maybe some of that would help. The problem is that we don’t have that data. I’m not sure which company provides the data, and me trying to go and get the data from them…I can only guess or hope that they have the good data that’s valuable for me.”


Director of Marketing:

“I’d enthusiastically give the recommendation a try, and I think initially if the results were positive at the door then I’d be a lot more receptive to doing more of what the recommendations were in the future.”


And finally, as the ultimate test of trust, we asked the question, “Would you let an AI system cut your hair?” You can find out what answer we got in the video below!

We also spoke to Falon Fatemi in a special webinar last week and if you want to know more about how to get a better ROI with prescriptive analytics tools that use AI, you can watch the full episode here.

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